# Teachers and teaching assitants


David Kofoed Wind

I am a PhD student in the Cognitive Systems (CogSys) section under DTU Compute at The Technical University of Denmark (DTU).

The title of my PhD project is “Statistical Models for Temporal Dynamics in Complex Networks” and it is supervised by Ole Winther and co-supervised by Sune Lehmann.

Website: www.davidwind.dk

Finn Årup Nielsen

Senior researcher at DTU Compute specializing in data mining of complex data from the brain and social media.

Website: www.imm.dtu.dk/~faan/

(Rasmus) Malthe Jørgensen

B.Sc. of Physics from KU.

Website: blagblogblag.com

Ulf Aslak Jensen

Master student at DTU Compute with a passion for data science.

Website: ulfaslak.com

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